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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Rice Faculty Directory
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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Faculty

Mail Stop: 170
Building: Anderson Biology Labs
Phone: (713) 348-extension

Name Title Phone Lab
Office e-mail Web Pages Accepting students
Adrienne MS Correa Lecturer 3054 135A ac53 Personal
Amy Dunham Assistant Professor 2792 103B aed4 Personal Yes
Scott Egan Assistant Professor 2619 211A scott.p.egan Personal
Emily Jones Huxley Fellow 4182 211D eijones Personal
Michael Kohn Associate Professor 3779 205A hmkohn Personal Yes
Tom Miller Assistant Professor 4218 3924 103A tom.miller Personal No
Luay Nakhleh Associate Professor 3959  3119 Duncan nakhleh Personal Lab  
Haldre Rogers Huxley Fellow 2877 135B haldre.s.rogers Personal
Volker Rudolf Associate Professor 2834 105A volker.rudolf Lab Yes
Julia Saltz Assistant Professor 209B julia.b.saltz Lab  
Yousif Shamoo Professor, Vice Provost for Research 5493 332 Keck shamoo Lab 
Evan Siemann Professor, Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs 5954 2636 101A siemann Personal Lab Yes
Scott Solomon
Professor in Practice 2661 135C Scott.Solomon Personal


Emeritus Faculty

Name Title Phone Lab
Office e-mail Web Pages
Frank Fisher Professor Emeritus 4917   203B fisher
Paul Harcombe Professor Emeritus harcomb Personal
Ronald Sass Professor Emeritus 4066   203A sass Personal
Stephen Subtelny Professor Emeritus 4923   215A subtelny Official


Adjunct Faculty

Name Title e-mail Web Pages
Jeffrey Glassberg Adjunct Professor glassberg(at)naba.org Official
Nancy Grieg Adjunct Professor ngreig(at)hmns.org Cockrell Butterfly Ctr.
Maria Hartley Assistant Adjunct Professor mariak (at) rice.edu