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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Teaching Lab

flying squirrelThe EEB Teaching Lab (Anderson Biological Laboratory, ABL 125) is home to a growing collection of living and preserved specimens that represent the diversity of life in southeast Texas and globally.


Interactive experiences with living organisms are a hallmark of the EEB undergraduate curriculum. This includes visits to natural areas where students can observe organisms in their habitats as well as exposure to living organisms in a laboratory setting where closer observations are generally possible.

tree frogA variety of non-local species in our collection represent interesting biological phenomena (e.g. Batesian and Müllerian mimicry, convergent evolution), with species from the tropics being especially well represented.

Our most recent project involved creating a large vivarium that is home to many species of Neotropical plants and several species of frogs, including poison dart frogs and tree frogs.

Our collection of preserved material includes insects and other arthropods, botanical specimens, and skeletal material.

frog Several EBIO classes meet in the EEB Teaching Lab, including EBIO 213, EBIO 316, EBIO 327, EBIO 330, and EBIO 336. The lab also contains facilities for students conducting independent research, including computers, research collections, and equipment for conducting field studies. Students wishing to use the teaching lab outside of scheduled class time may check its availability here.